Introducing…a handheld cleaning system that BLOWS AWAY pet hair, crumbs and anything else that gets in the way!

  • No filters to wash
  • Cordless operation lets you clean anywhere
  • Variable speed trigger gives you total control

$170.95 Only $79.95

Limited quantity available.

Only Hurricane Home Cleaning System gives you:


Free shipping. Exclusions apply.


Price match promise


Free 5 piece tool kit $20 value

A 250+ MPH cleaning powerhouse. No job is too tough!

With the power the Hurricane Home Cleaning System you can clean anything inside or even outside your home.

Variable Speed Trigger. Gives you total control.

Our ultra sensitive trigger allows you to precisely control the speed from 0-250 MPH which allows you to confidently clean even the most delicate of items.

All Features

BlowsWith HurricaneForce

Hurricane Home Cleaning System™ Science

Ultra-efficient impellers provide instant force so you have the cleaning power you need.



Our cordless system allows you to clean with the power of a hurricane even in the most hard to reach places, like behind a TV.


Car Cleaning

Our cleaning system is not just for inside the home, nothing will clean the interior of your vehicle faster.


Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty ensures this will be the last home cleaning system you will ever have to buy.


Strong enough to inflate pool toys

If you need to blow up pool toys or inflatable mattresses the Hurricane Home Cleaning System has you covered.



The Hurricane Home Cleaning charges just like your cell phone and one charge gives you enough power to clean a 4000+ sq ft home.


Charger and Tools included

The Hurricane Home Cleaning System comes with everything you need, there is nothing else to buy.


Flexible Straw Attachment

Designed to get into even the hardest to reach places.

X3_Hurricane_Grey_Attachment-2_A (1)

Brush Tool

Blow 250+ MPH while you brush and even the most caked on grime dirt will be gone in an instant.


Fine point tool

If you need to focus our dusting power into a finer point this is the tool for you. 


All purpose straw attachments

Comes with 2 all purpose straw attachments for standard cleaning.

$170.95 Only 


Limited quantity available.

What our customers say

“I do private housekeeping in 8 homes so I use it on a daily basis, this device is great. I use it to blow out cat hair from one home, (let it settle then vacuum up) and dust from behind furniture and other hard to reach places for a really clean house.  It is somewhat noisy but nowhere near as loud as a vacuum cleaner, still because of the noise I have to only give it 4 stars. I highly recommend the Hurricane.” – Sally D.

“I like that it blows dirt and dust from the small patio I have. I use it on my car dash and my workbench, just like their ad! My girlfriend took it from me to dust her plants and the book shelves, really amazing. I see why they call it the Hurricane Home Cleaning system. I can’t believe how much power comes out of that little thing, great idea guys!” – John W. 

“This is my favorite new cleaning tool. My kids make a mess every time they are in my car, there are always food and crumbs spilled everywhere. With the Hurricane it no longer is an issue since I can blow everything out in seconds, it even gets the stuff in cracks and under the seats. Thanks for giving me my car back!” – Brooke L. 

“My wife gave me one of your air blowers for and it remains one of my favorite gifts and by far one of my most used tools. I use it all the time, even after dropping it a few times it still works flawlessly. Great product”. – Peter V.

In the box

Hurricane Home Cleaning System Unit


Fine Point Tool


Brush Tool


All purpose straw attachments

charger (3)


Hurricane Home Cleaning System

$170.95 Only 


Limited quantity available.

Even more uses










Ceiling Fans


Patio Furniture







Knick Knacks

Patio Furniture

Direct from Hurricane Home Cleaning System


Free tools 5 piece tool kit

Exclusive to Hurricane Home Cleaning


Price match promise

Prices matched daily


$9.95 shipping

Exclusions apply



19.2 lbs

Cleaner head

Included Tools

Hurricane technology

Hurricane Home Cleaning System™ science


No filter changing needed

Cord length


Maximum Power

250+ MPH

Variable Power

0-250+ MPH


8.2 in


2.2 in


2.6 in

$170.95 Only


Limited quantity available.

The Hurricane Home Cleaning System™ is created using the same Canless Air© technology developed in 2011. The Canless Air products have helped hundreds of companies to clean their commercial work spaces in an environmentally friendly way by replacing canned air products. Many companies are banning canned air because of its toxicity.

If you’re looking to use this product for commercial use, you can find other models on the Canless Air© website or on Amazon.

Unlike its counterparts, the Hurricane Home Cleaning System™ is designed for household use to inflate air mattresses, dusting, clean small crevices, assist in auto detailing and more.

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